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Ϟ site reopening! -
Welcome everyone to the grand opening of Hogwarts Revolution 3.0! With new and improved plots, forums, events and special activities, and much much more! We promise an endless amount of fun and entertainment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! A special shoutout to all those that stuck by us and patiently waited throughout the break!

Ϟ carnival of magic! - July 13
The time is finally here! Feast your eyes on an assortment of snacks. Sate your crave for adrenaline on a fast roller coaster. See the sights up high on a ferris wheel. Look on as the country's greatest figures pass you by in a parade. The ideas are endless at the great magical carnival in Scotland! The Carnival will be open for a full week, so hurry up, get in line, and grab your tickets!

Ϟ train ride! - June 15
All aboard! The Hogwarts Express has finally departed Hogsmeade Station and is in route to London! Enjoy a peaceful, quite ride aboard the train to start off your summer break! We hope everyone has a wonderful summer and we hope to see you next term! For all those lucky graduates, congratulations on starting the next chapter in your lives. We will miss you, but as they say, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home!

Ϟ summer break! - June 14
Summer break is in session for students! Sorry adults, most of you still have to work, but that doesn't mean you can enjoy the summer! Plan a vacation to somewhere exotic or stay at home, though it isn't recommended to do so all summer long. Just make sure if you do plan a vacation, that you don't miss the Carnival coming to Wizarding Britain in July!

Ϟ revamp in-progress! - February 20
You might have noticed the plots are running a little slow! Well, bear with us! We are in the process of bringing you a new and improved Hogwarts Revolution, including brand new, suspenseful and riveting site-wide plots, updated Decrees, many new roleplaying opportunities, and even a brand-spanking new website design! Fun right?! We know the wait will be worth it!

Ϟ love is in the air! - February 1 - February 26
It's the month of flowers, chocolates, and a kiss if you're lucky! Celebrate the month of love this year by sending your favorite guy or gal a Valentine's Day package from the Valentine's Day Delivery Service, between 1 February - 26 February! Don't miss out, or you might get the cold shoulder for Valentine's Day, instead!

season - summer
august, 2005

Grand Opening!
Summer Break!
Diagon Alley Events!

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Don't get your wand in a knot! HOGWARTSREVOLUTION.COM is currently undergoing major revamping, and will be back bigger and better than ever! Look forward to an expanded and incredibly detailed wizarding world, adult character applications and jobs, shiny new world skins, interactive Hogwarts classes, live Gossip Witch radio streaming, an expanded selection of chocolate frog trading cards to collect, and so much more! We'll be back faster than you can say, 'Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus'.

- HogwartsRevolution Team
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