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Ϟ revamp in-progress! - February 20 -
You might have noticed the plots are running a little slow! Well, bear with us! We are in the process of bringing you a new and improved Hogwarts Revolution, including brand new, suspenseful and riveting site-wide plots, updated Decrees, many new roleplaying opportunities, and even a brand-spanking new website design! Fun right?! We know the wait will be worth it!

Ϟ love is in the air! - February 1 - February 26
It's the month of flowers, chocolates, and a kiss if you're lucky! Celebrate the month of love this year by sending your favorite guy or gal a Valentine's Day package from the Valentine's Day Delivery Service, between 1 February - 26 February! Don't miss out, or you might get the cold shoulder for Valentine's Day, instead!

Ϟclub signups open! - September 24 - October 6
Ever wanted to be part of a club at Hogwarts? Now is your chance! The Hogwarts School Clubs forum is now open for the term, so you can sign up for clubs and organizations! Club sign ups are open throughout the school year.

Ϟclasses begin! - September 7 - 28
Classes are officially in session, starting with rotation 1 subjects! We wish you all a wonderful first day of classes!

Ϟ start of term feast - 25 August - 7 Sept
The Summer Holidays are officially over and it is now time to come back to Hogwarts! As a tradition, at the start of every school year, is the Start of Term Feast, where you all eat to your heart's content and watch the Sorting Ceremony! Have a great year everyone and, to all new students, welcome to Hogwarts!

Ϟ class registration - 24 August - 7 Sept
With the Summer Holidays coming to an end, the term is fast approaching and that only means one thing: Class Registration! That's right! It is now time to sign up for your new classes and gather all of your supplies from Diagon Alley! Welcome to a new year!

Ϟ advancement is open - 1 July - 31 July
Congratulations, you have reached the end of Semester D - the last semester before summer vacation! As a reminder, Semester D Advancement is MANDATORY - meaning, you do not have the choice between the extra 100 galleon allowance or moving up a year.

Ϟ train ride to hogwarts - 22 June - 6 July
It's the end of the year, and final exams are finally over! After spending their last evening of the term at Hogwarts, it is now time for the students to take their leave for the summer. The Hogwarts Express will be departing from Hogsmeade Station promptly at 11:00 a.m., so store away your belongings, and find a compartment, if you can! From 22 June - 6 July, enjoy the company of your classmates before you part ways for the summer break! Or, if you're lucky enough, perhaps you'll be making plans soon to visit each other during the vacation. Stay safe, have a wonderful summer, and we look forward to seeing you next term!

Ϟ end of term feast - jun 8-16
The End of the Term Feast will take place in the Great Hall, to celebrate the end of another year. Students will be escorted down to the Great Hall by their House Prefects at 8:00 p.m., dressed in their school uniforms (including your school hats!) and will be dismissed back to their dormitories promptly at 10:00 p.m. You are strongly encouraged to pack your belongings after the feast, in preparation for your train ride to the King's Cross Station.

Ϟ term c advancement - apr-1-14
Advancement is now open! For all students who are hoping to either advance or receive the 100 galleon bonus to their 200 galleon end-of-term allowance, please review the ADVANCEMENT REQUIREMENTS for the year you plan to advance to!

Ϟ spring break - mar-16-14
From 16 March - 6 April, Hogwarts is on Spring Break! After struggling to stay awake through History of Magic and turn in that twenty-inch long essay for Transfiguration, you definitely deserve a break.

Ϟ term b advancement - jan-13-14
Advancement is now open! For all students who are hoping to either advance or receive the 100 galleon bonus to their 200 galleon end-of-term allowance, please review the ADVANCEMENT REQUIREMENTS for the year you plan to advance to!

Ϟ duelling club practice - jan-5-14
Dueling Club practice will be held in the Great Hall! It may be brutal work at times, especially having to explain to your friends how you hadn't been able to deflect the Jelly-Legs Jinx in time, but all your hard work will certainly pay off! Stretch your limbs, take aim, and get ready for some fun!

Ϟclasses begin! - jan-6-14
Classes are officially in session, starting with rotation 1 subjects! We wish you all a wonderful first day of classes!

Ϟ classes suspended! - Dec-1-13
Classes are officially suspended! We wish all students a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forwarding to welcoming all back after a restful holiday!

Ϟ halloween feast! - oct-20-13
Double, double, toil and trouble! The annual Halloween Feast has begun! Head to the Great Hall now to have your fill of ghosts, ghouls, and scrumptious treats!

Ϟ quidditch tryouts! - oct-6-13
At last, Quidditch Tryouts have officially begun! Strap on your protective gear and get ready to show Madam Hooch what you're made of! And remember, game face!

Ϟ classes begin! - sep-8-13
Classes are officially in session, starting with rotation 1 subjects! We wish you all a wonderful first day of classes! Remember, don't be late!

Ϟ start of term feast! - aug-25-13
After a long, arduous train ride that seemed to last forever, the students have made it safely to Hogwarts, and just in time for the Start of Term Feast! From 25 August - 8 September, head to the Great Hall for the annual feast! Hogwarts welcomes you home!

Ϟ train ride to hogwarts! - aug-11-13
Summer holidays have come to an end, and students new and old prepare to board the Hogwarts Express for what promises to be another exciting term at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Pack your school supplies, say goodbye to your loved ones, and hop aboard the Express with your schoolmates from 11 August - 25 August!

Ϟ happy august, everyone! - aug-1-13
As the wizarding and muggle world enter the month of August, students have begun to prepare for school! Despite the recent werewolf attack, Diagon Alley is brimming with wizards and witches, shopping for school supplies needed for the upcoming term. This month, look forward to the train ride to Hogwarts, the Start-of-Term feast, and much more!

Ϟ site-wide plot chapter one! - july-28-13
Something's amiss at the Diagon Alley Fair! Hurry, go see what's got everyone upset! Chapter one of the site-wide plot, Murder at the Diagon Alley Fair, has begun!

Ϟ camp hoggy-warty now closed! - july-26-13
It is with a heavy heart that our beloved camp counselors close the wooden gates to Camp Hoggy-Warty, until next summer. As our campers begin to pack their belongings and head back home to enjoy the remainder of their summer holidays, we hope that you all have had a wonderful time, and as always, we invite all of you to join us again next year for even more fun and excitement!

Ϟ vote for the new minister of magic! - july-7-13
with minister kingsley shacklebolt being suspended from his position indefinitely, the wizarding community has been called upon to elect their new minister of magic! vote here today, and make sure that your voice is heard!

Ϟ #5 daily prophet issue released! - july-2-13
the fifth daily prophet issue has been released! be sure to read up on the new shocking details regarding Hogwarts' past tragic couple of years! Who would have known the Ministry's own ex-Aurors were behind it?!

Ϟ new site layout! - june-29-13
as we get ready to kick off summer break in the wizarding world, we celebrate the lengthy holidays with a new site layout! warning, the contents of this RPG may have shifted during coding. if you notice any bugs, please report them to the admins!

Ϟ Prefect Recognition! - june-01-13
Do you believe you have the makings of a Hogwarts Prefect? Then submit a small form in the PREFECT RECOGNITION LIST to be considered for this prestigious position!

Ϟ End of Term Feast - may-10-13
The time all students look forward to each year is finally here! The end of the term is just around the corner, and by tradition to celebrate the wonderful passing year before everyone heads home, will be the End of Term Feast! We hope everyone enjoys their last days at the castle and wish everyone an exciting Summer!

Ϟ Halloween Feast - oct-15-12
That's right students! It's finally that time of year again! So, put on your best costume whether it be a witch, wizard, cat, or even a ghost, and get your stomach ready for a night of more sweets than you could ever ask for! Happy Halloween!

Ϟ start of term - aug-01-12
Summer vacation is now over and Hogwarts is open yet once again! The halls are now busy again with familiar faces and new faces. I hope everyone enjoyed their breaks, and are ready to kick off another great year at the castle!

Ϟ camp hoggy-warty - june-01-12
It's summer time, and you know what that means - it's time for a few weeks of relaxation at camp hoggy-warty, a magical camp for witches and wizards, located in wales! pack your belongings, and prepare for a summer filled with adventure!

Ϟ dueling tournament - may-09-12
after the lengthy spring break, the students and staff return to hogwarts! meanwhile, the castle prepares for its annual dueling club tournament, where students from hogwarts, durmstrang, and beauxbaton will compete for the title of dueling champion! be sure to attend, starting 2 april - 15 april, to cheer on your friends!

Ϟ spring break! - april-26-12
spring break has begun, from 12 march - 31 march! students are packing their belongings and heading home for the lengthy vacation, while others are planning trips with family and friends around the exotic regions of the magical and muggle world! where will you spend the vacation this term?

Ϟ quidditch match #4 - april-10-12
Slytherin secures its second victory of the season, but now it's time for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw to meet on the pitch for the fourth match of the term! Can Ravenclaw pull off its first win, or will Gryffindor stand victorious for a second time?

? quidditch match #3 - march-01-12
Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff quidditch match has begun! Head down to the pitch to show off your house pride! Both teams have shown considerable effort so far this season - who will be victorious? Best of luck to both teams!

? two little sailor boys - feb-12-12
The third chapter of Hogwarts: The Revolution's site-wide plot, Two Little Sailor Boys, has begun! We hope you enjoy this event! We also wish our 3 - 7th years a very happy and safe Hogsmeade weekend visit!

Ϟ love is in the air! - feb-01-12
It's the month of flowers, chocolates, and a kiss if you're lucky! Celebrate the month of love this year by sending your favorite guy or gal a Valentine's Day package from the Valentine's Day Delivery Service, between 1 February - 26 February! Don't miss out, or you might get the cold shoulder for Valentine's Day, instead!

Ϟ spirit month - jan-15-12
Ravenclaw and Slytherin kicked off the quidditch season with an exciting match - congrats to Slytherin! Gryffindor and Hufflepuff now take over the field; show your support for these teams by heading down to the Tryouts with Madam Hooch! Happy Quidditch Spirit Month!

Ϟ semester c has begun - jan-01-12
After a lengthy holiday break, students and staff are returning to Hogwarts for the beginning of SEMESTER C! Rotation I classes begin on 2 January, and will be held for two weeks. Rotation II classes will then be in session starting on 16 January. Study hard, and keep safe at Hogwarts!

Ϟ happy holidays to all! - dec-12-11
Happy Holidays, from Hogwarts: The Revolution! As a reminder, the CHRISTMAS FEAST and the WIZARDING WORLD forums will remain open for your characters to celebrate the holidays from 12 December until 1 January!

Ϟ term a advancement - oct-24-11
We are nearing the end of Semester A! For all students who are hoping to either advance or receive the 100 galleon bonus to their 200 galleon end-of-term allowance, please review the ADVANCEMENT REQUIREMENTS for the year you plan to advance to!

Ϟ Prefect Recognition! - sep-02-11
Do you believe you have the makings of a Hogwarts Prefect? Then submit a small form in the PREFECT RECOGNITION LIST to be considered for this prestigious position!

Ϟ Study Week! - sep-02-11
Classes are suspended from 1 June - 8 June for Study Week! During this time, students are studying for their end-of-term exams. Or procrastinating.

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, april, 2004

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Daily Prophet Edition #12
Posted By: Daily Prophet @ May 11 2015, 11:24 PM
Front Page by Daily Prophet Magic Lottery by Daily Prophet Sports Section by Daily Prophet Puzzles by Daily Prophet Classified Ads by Daily Prophet
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Posted By: Daily Prophet @ Aug 7 2014, 09:28 AM
user posted image

user posted image

TERROR REIGNED SUPREME as children disembarking the Hogwarts Express in hopes of a long and balmy English summer were greeted with the sights and smells of another grisly crime scene, this reporter hesitates to report. The body of Miss Penelope Purdyfeather was discovered spread eagle, mauled to ribbons by a Mr. Frank Frankentall – a moustached train conductor from Leeds – minutes before the train was scheduled to pull into platform 9 and ¾. There can be no doubt, at this point, that this was a message left for the new Minister for Magic – though what exactly it’s supposed to mean, we can only conjecture.

Miss Penelope Purdyfeather, who has been making appearances in The Prophet for a number of weeks prior to her tragic end, was a vivacious, warm and beautiful young woman whose entire family were murdered during the Second War by a gang of werewolves led by Fenrir Greyback. Ever since this tragedy, Penelope has been working to have werewolves brought under stricter Ministry control – holding rallies, signing petitions and writing letters pleading with the people in control to flex their muscles for the sake of the poor witch or wizard living in fear due to the presence of these blights on our society.

It seems, however, any action taken by the Ministry now will be too little too late.

Following last week’s murder of 78 year old Hetty Hubble in her own home, this second murder seems to send the message that the werewolves are getting bolder – how much longer can we sit idly by and watch? How much longer before it’s our beloved Hogwarts, a school that has seen enough tragedy and death in the last number of years – how much longer before, dear reader, it is you that these mindless beasts are baying for the blood of?

The aurors on scene were naturally of little use – then, of course, allowing the body to sit and fester as children and their parents crowded around was hardly good handling of the situation. A statement was later released and I am proud to be able to give my readers the exclusive official stance regarding this tragedy:

“Naturally the auror office cannot be expected to comment beyond what we know for certain which is this – a 26 year old woman has been attacked and killed by, as we’ve now ascertained, werewolf means. She was killed in an as yet unknown location and moved to Platform 9 and ¾. What we don’t know yet is how and why – anyone with any information regarding this tragedy is urged to come forward – feel free to contact myself, Auror Carhana Fletcher, Level Two, Ministry of Magic. Beyond that, we would urge due care and consideration. Make sure to protect your house at all times and do not make the mistake of thinking it will never happen to you.”

A shell shocked student I had the good fortune of steering away from the scene – 11 year old Oliver Harding, a chubby cheeked blonde Hufflepuff with wide blue eyes, who says he is now afraid to sleep in his bed. His concern was all for the family of Miss Purdyfeather, though as we now know – there is no need to worry in that regard. All we can hope is that she and her family have been reunited in the afterlife. This has been The Daily Prophet, bringing you the latest in Wizarding Britain news!



Comments: 3 :: View Comments

Posted By: Daily Prophet @ Jul 3 2014, 11:59 AM

user posted image

TThree days ago the body of a solitary elderly witch, Hetty Hubble (age 79) was found mauled in her home in Penterghast Drive, Dudley. The pensioner was living alone following the death of her husband, Henry, 6 months previously due to a bad case of the dragonpox.

Mrs. Hubble was found by a neighbour, Oldabert Wafflington, when she found an unbearable stench whilst hanging her clothes out on the line. Mrs. Wafflington, a close friend of Mrs. Hubble’s, is quoted as having said, “Well, it’s just terrible in this day and age – it’s werewolves what done it, you mark my words. Imagine, killing an old woman like that and her just in her night things!” When prompted further for evidence of her belief that this is the work of werewolves, Mrs. Wafflington could only tell us that the circumstances were strikingly similar between the case of Mrs. Hubble and the case of Harvey Markham – a victim of an attack which took place in Diagon Alley several months ago.

However, if we are to rely on our auror department to bring Mrs. Hubble and Mr. Markham justice, we will be waiting a long time – this reporter considers that the perpetrator of Mr. Markham’s mauling has never been found and that people can no longer even sleep soundly in their beds if this latest case of Hetty Hubble is anything to go by.

Our new Minister makes plenty of big promises, but are we any further forward in bringing crime in the wizarding world down? It might be argued that things are getting worse rather than better – attacks upon

upstanding citizens, old aged pensioners. What’s next? Our schoolchildren?

There have been allegations of the involvement of werewolves in both cases, though this has been neither confirmed nor denied by our accountable Ministry. There have even been calls to reinstate the Werewolf Registry which was in place in the days before Harry Potter and his close personal friends insisted on its removal, citing it as a violation of human rights – this reporter might wholeheartedly agree, were it not for the violation of Mrs. Hubble and Mr. Markham’s rights. Do they not too deserve to sleep soundly?

A group calling themselves MAL (Mothers Against Lycanthropy) have commented on the murder - "It's just further evidence that normal witches and wizards are being made second class citizens to these animals - when you get to that age and can't sleep soundly, you really have to question the system that's meant to be protecting you, don't you?" comments Lara Starkey, the blonde bombshell heading the campaign.

The question on everyone's lips - what will Warburton do next?

This has been The Daily Prophet: Bringing you the latest in Magical World News!



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Posted By: Daily Prophet @ Mar 8 2014, 09:47 AM
user posted image

user posted image

Suspects brought in for questioning after Aurors found a clue leading to their whereabouts back in August are still not giving up information about anything they might know. Whether or not any of these people are the murderer in question is still unknown and the names of the suspects in question have not been released, but every day that passes seems to be another day wasted.

Another day in which an attack just like the one of Harvey Markham may occur, only this time it might not stop with just one body. Although it appears that they got very lucky in finding a clue as soon as they did, it doesn't seem to be the most helpful one they could have gotten. Anybody else who might have been hanging out in that hideout in Knockturn Alley probably won't be returning soon, as Aurors have been caught visiting it several times since then.

It’s no secret that Harvey’s death was the fourth one of the month back in August and the reoccurring crime hasn't stopped yet. Although there’s no solid evidence backing up the theory, it’s possible some, if not all of these deaths, have something in common. Perhaps they’re all tied to something related, but whatever the reason, they have to be stopped. Parents are outraged that they have been allowed to go on so long and they aren't the only ones. While their children are safe at Hogwarts during the school year, other families and individuals are growing restless by the week.

So much, in fact, that they've gone as far as accusing people of being the mastermind behind all the attacks. Some of the accusations are more legit than others, and some are quite ridiculous. One accusation is toward Hilda Leavitt, the owner of a shop in Knockturn Alley, who always seems to have a shady appearance.

The validity of this accusation is questioning considering the majority of the local visitors in Knockturn Alley appear suspicious in some form. It would be possible that the mastermind resides in Knockturn Alley often, however without any solid evidence to go on, it would be quite silly to go in pointing fingers at random people.

The chances of anyone catching the culprit behind any or all of the attacks single-handed is a long shot. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement has even admitted to getting many reports of people sighting possible culprits, but once investigated they all turn out to be false. The hard question to answer is to decide whether or not an accusation would be worth checking out if you didn't want to waste your time on false ones. So far no leads have come of any of it, as far as the Ministry has let on.

The same questions everyone has had for months still remain to be answered and even now some of us are beginning to wonder whether the murderers will ever be found and put to trial. Who killed Harvey Markham and who is behind the other murders? Is it an individual? An organization? Perhaps we're still even answering the question of the gender of the mastermind, as well as those that are performing the murders in general. Hopefully these unanswered questions will soon be answered for all of us. This has been the Daily Prophet, bringing you the latest and greatest in wizarding Britain news!



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#8 Diagon Alley Victim Identified!
Posted By: Daily Prophet @ Aug 25 2013, 04:52 PM
user posted image

user posted image

The mangled body of thirty-nine-year-old Harvey Markham was discovered just beyond the bend of Diagon Alley just a few weeks ago, during what was meant to be another ordinary day at the annual alley fair. Our sources tell us that a young boy by the name of Ptolemy Humorose was the first to see it, the poor wizard shaken up by the gruesome sight, and ultimately driven to tears. This will make the fourth werewolf-related murder this month. Since aurors are no longer stationed throughout wizarding Britain under the High Security Act, crime has unfortunately shown an upward trend.

The victim, Harvey Markham, seemed to have been on the wrong end of the law, involving himself in some illegal dealings with a group less-than-reputable individuals, who ultimately ended his life. Why was the victim's body discarded in such a public area, instead of being disposed of in secret? Because the ones responsible had every intention of having the body found by the authorities.

Regrettably for Markham's assailants, it seemed they hadn't covered their tracks as well as they thought they had. A crumpled note was found near the victim's body, indicating the location of their dingy, little hideout in Knockturn Alley. The aurors stormed the shack, and discovered the names of five suspects, each of them registered werewolves according to the Ministry's files. The aurors will soon bring them in for questioning.

Markham's outraged family had expected that this was the intentional work of "savage magical creatures," and encourage the Ministry of Magic to take immediate action in

disciplining the five suspects soon to be charged with murder. It seems as though Markham's loved ones are not the only ones seeking justice for the slain man; children, even, are determined to see those responsible brought to justice, no matter what the costs.

"Find the murderers! Lock them all up!" says seven-year-old Riordan Woolf, a courageous, young witch passionately demanding that the Ministry take action at once. To see one so young, so desensitized to the horrors of crime today, breaks the heart. Others see beyond the initial shock of the heinous crime, and foreshadow something much darker, sinister.

"It's an omen," says picturesque beauty Jamie Ravensword, a student attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, who believes that this wasn't any ordinary murder, but instead a deliberate warning of more horrors to come.

Minister Warburton has been more than informed of the rising incidence of killings since his predecessor's aborted High Security Act, and promises to not only find the sources responsible, but also put an end to it.

"It won't stop here," says Warburton, regarding the Diagon Alley Fair murder, "We may be close to bringing the victim's murderers to justice, but there will be more horrors to follow, unless we act quickly."

Could these suspicions of more dire circumstances to come be true, or is it mere batty talk meant to stir up the magical world? Let's hope it's the latter. This has been the Daily Prophet, bringing you the latest and greatest in wizarding Britain news!



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#7: Warburton Wins Election!
Posted By: Daily Prophet @ Jul 27 2013, 12:45 PM
user posted image

user posted image

The wizarding community has spoken! Just moments ago, the Ministry of Magic released an official statement, declaring former Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Rasmus Warburton, the new Minister of Magic! The wizarding community made sure their voices were heard, and after several weeks of grueling smear campaigns and public speeches, the community felt that Rasmus Warburton was the most qualified candidate for the position. It was certainly a close race, with Ministry official Livia Porskoff hot on his trail, but Porskoff's stumbling campaign simply couldn't find the last gust of wind it needed to pull ahead.

"I am, of course, very happy for my opponent's victory," said Porskoff, appearing before the press shortly after receiving word of the election's results, "I hope the wizarding community knows what it's doing, and even more importantly, I hope Warburton knows what he's doing. We can't afford to have any more setbacks within the Ministry; we the people are a reflection of our government, and if the Ministry can't be depended on to fix the mess we're in, well then...we've all but doomed the magical world."

Ministry official Caradoc Duvall, whose campaign had both a sloppy start and finish, has declined to speak publicly after his humiliating defeat. No doubt, Duvall was hoping to have performed a little

better on the campaign trail, but fell flat. Meanwhile, Minister of Magic Rasmus Warburton made his first appearance since being elected, and had more than a few words of encouragement to offer the wizarding community.

"My heart swells with overwhelming pride and gratitude. I am forever in your debt for giving me this opportunity to make this world - our world - a bigger, better, and stronger one. I promise to bring about a world, where the good and pure no longer have to live in fear of oppression. From this day going forward, I hereby abolish the High Security Act."

The wizarding community is already welcoming Minister Warburton with open arms, confident that he will restore the magical world to its former glory, prior to the Second Wizarding War. Warburton currently blames the poor judgement of the Ministry, Azkaban, and the sheer callous nature of untamed magical creatures for the tragedy that befell Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and promises that under his term in office, crimes against the innocent will be a thing of the past.

Today, the wizarding world awakens to hopes of a brighter tomorrow, and we certainly wish Minister Warburton all the best in fulfilling his promises. This has been the Daily Prophet, bringing you the latest and greatest in wizarding Britain news!



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#6: New Minister of Magic to be Elected!
Posted By: Daily Prophet @ Jul 7 2013, 08:24 PM
user posted image

user posted image

Following the failure of his High Security Act, Kingsley Shacklebolt now faces immense backlash from the wizarding community! Without doubt, the negative events transpired against Hogwarts School of Witchraft and Wizardry under his term has taken a negative toll on his reputation as Minister of Magic. The wizarding community believes that Minister Shacklebolt ought to have caught the Ministry frauds responsible for terrorizing the prestigious school long before any real damage could have been done, and due to his failure to do so, it is now calling - demanding, rather - for his resignation.

"He allowed those outlaws to put our children in harm's way, right underneath the Ministry's nose!' protests one outraged citizen, "After putting the wizarding world through two years of oppressive lock-down surveillance, and with nothing to show for it, it's time for Shacklebolt to go!"

The Wizengamot High Court of Law has arrived at a compromise that they hope will satisfy both the wizarding community as well as the Ministry of Magic, and have arranged for the indefinite suspension of Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt from office. During Minister Shacklebolt's indefinite

suspension, a Ministry official will be elected by both the Wizengamot High Court and the wizarding community to take his place.

As was released today by the Ministry of Magic, one of the following three officials - Caradoc Duvall, Head of the Department of Magical Transportation, Livia Porskoff, Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and Rasmus Warburton, Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation - will be elected by both the community, as well as the Wizengmot High Court, to take Shacklebolt's place indefinitely as the new Minister of Magic.

Certainly, the wizarding world cannot wait to see which of the three Ministry officials will be elected by the people and high court to serve as the new Minister of Magic. Wizards and Witches throughout Britain are now rushing to cast their votes, submitting their ballots via owls, and voting booths within the Ministry of Magic.

We wish Mr. Duvall, Ms. Porskoff, and Mr. Warburton the best of luck during the election season! This has been the Daily Prophet, bringing you the latest and greatest in wizarding Britain news!



Comments: 0 :: View Comments

#5: Azkaban's Conspiracy - Revealed!
Posted By: Daily Prophet @ Jul 1 2013, 11:37 PM
user posted image

user posted image

It's tragic, ruthless, and still a little difficult to believe! Nearly fifteen discharged Aurors have been detained in Azkaban Prison, for what many are calling the biggest two-year conspiracy since the Ministry's Muggle-Born Registration Commission movement - the abduction of three students from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, several counts of assault, and the attempted takeover of the school!

Nearly twenty Aurors also rumored to have played a part in these crimes were killed at the scene, but among those found alive and apprehended are (Theodore Thickensee, Kallum Odderidge, and Marx Pritchard) – newly recruited into the Ministry of Magic’s Auror Department mere months before the attacks began at Hogwarts from Fall of 2001 to Spring of 2003. The detainees have professed that they were outraged by Headmistress McGonagall’s willingness to continue administering at Hogwarts, despite the school’s history of catastrophic events.

“We only meant to carry out the first snatching,” Pritchard claims, “to drive that old bat to shut down the school. We knew it would be far too easy to pass off the students' mysterious disappearance as just a matter of another brainless git sneaking out of the castle well after curfew for a little excitement, and instead winding up as dessert for our cloaked friend." But when McGonagall’s next line of action didn’t include closing the school, the ex-Aurors retaliated, not only by executing a second snatching, but also by releasing the Lethifold from the third floor corridor and setting it loose upon the school of innocent children and staff, bringing about what threatened to bring about the biggest Christmas Eve massacre that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had ever seen.

Once the Lethifold had fled the school property, however, little did Hogwarts' assailers realize that their cover was blown. They prompted a third snaching in the neighboring village of Hogsmeade; one usual morning, a young boy had vanished without a trace.

However, head Aurors Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley were hot on their trail, easily ruling out the possibilities of the Lethifold being accountable for the attacks.

"Yes, the assault against Hogwarts in April 2003 was our final and desperate attempt to overrun Headmistress McGonagall. It was only a matter of permitting the Lethifolds onto Hogwarts’ grounds by temporarily undoing the series of protective charms that we helped to conjure. Unfortunately, we weren’t strong enough. Perhaps we’ll spend several years behind these bars in Azkaban, but mark my words – one day, someone will see to it that our plans are fulfilled. We cannot allow that school to remain open. It is a plague, an omen - an emblem of certain death."

The offenders revealed that the abducted students had been locked away in an old shack outside of Barnton Town. They were found unharmed, and returned immediately to their homes safe and sound. Harry Potter, who was present at Hogwarts during the final attack, expresses his condolences to the families, the Headmistress, staff and students who suffered gravely for the term’s dismal events.

“It’s got to be difficult to swallow,” says Potter, “but if we can take anything from this nightmare, it’s that the ones behind these monstrous crimes have finally been brought to justice. The Auror Department has a lot of work to do, if we’re going to earn back our reputation after this bloody disaster.”

Was Azkaban oblivious throughout these shocking events? And what flank will the Ministry receive for its negligence in hiring frauds to protect a school of innocent children? We will release these shocking details as they come to light! This has been the Daily Prophet, bringing you the latest and greatest in Wizarding Britain news!



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#4: Nightmare Continues!
Posted By: Daily Prophet @ Jan 2 2012, 03:20 PM
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Terror grips Hogwarts and the Ministry when the school suffered a massive attack on Christmas evening!

Lethifold #342 from Azkaban prison, which was transported to Hogwarts in August by order of the Ministry of Magic for security purposes, escaped from its quarters where it had been locked away, following the disappearance of Hogwarts student, Noreen Atherton! Due to the school's negligence, the Lethifold seized its freedom on Christmas night, but not before unleashing a devastating attack that left countless injured!

"The bolts, the chains - all of them were unfastened," confessed Ministry's Auror, Norvel Strout, "The Lethifold didn't break free. It was a terrible mistake, and one that nearly wiped out half of Hogwarts."

A war is emerging between Hogwarts and the Ministry. Minerva McGonagall - with full support from Harry Potter, who strives to dissuade the Ministry from shutting down the school - now

faces a barrage of letters from parents, petitioning for Hogwarts to close its doors for good.

"It's senseless bloodshed," says Maeve Fincher, an outraged parent, "Hogwarts' time is over. We have to act now, for our children's sake!"

As the fight ensues between Shacklebolt and McGonagall concerning the future of Hogwarts, the Ministry also sets its sights on Azkaban Prison; Shacklebolt is filing accusations against the prison for years of corrupt services. Need we heatedly recall its Dementors, who escorted You-Know-Who straight into the Ministry of Magic in ? It certainly wouldn't be the prison's first blunder - and Shacklebolt now believes that Azkaban may be up to more underhanded dealings. Could Shacklebolt's suspicions be fact? How much longer does Hogwarts have, before it's forced to close its doors forever?



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#3: Hogwarts Panicked!
Posted By: Daily Prophet @ Oct 15 2011, 02:05 AM
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Panick strikes Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as twelve-year-old student, Noreen Delia Atherton went missing from the castle this past Wednesday night.

Screams were reported heard from Gryffindor Tower, prior to Ms. Atherton's disappearance. An investigation has ensued, in hopes to discover her whereabouts soon. The primary suspect is Azkaban's Lethifold that Minister Shacklebolt transported to the school, earlier this year.

Auror-in-training, Harry James Potter, eagerly joined the investigation, alongside former mates Hermione Jane Granger, and Ronald Bilius Weasley.

“Hogwarts was my home,” said Potter proudly, “It was a home for many of us. And we owe it to the school, to keepit safe for the students who’ll come after us, so that they can call it a home too.”

Headmistress McGonagall has ordered that the Lethifold will be kept locked away at all times, until the proper culprit is brought to justice.

Meanwhile, Indira and Gideon Atherton struggle to cope with the unexplained disappearance of their only daughter. What will this mean for the Ministry? Is Hogwarts at risk of closing for good? How will the 'Dream Team' fair against these odds?



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